Shelby Hill

Mother, Writer, and Teacher in Montreuil, France

Good day! I am a gorgeous grandma to 9 and mother to 6! After all those years of child raising, I took my health in hand and lost lotsa pounds! I feel better today than in my thirties!

I help women get to and maintain a healthy weight. My approach is holistic: body,mind and spirit.

You can live your dreams! I never thought I would feel this great at my age!

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Shelby helped me get back my energy. I feel like I am 20 again. No more back pain. My husband can hardly keep up with me.
R.N. age 64. Paris
Now ... I'm a changing person. I've got a new beginning. I hope I can build my life in a few short years. The "dormant Karen" has been "awakened". Thank you Shelby Hill... you gave me hope and gave me a solutions to regain my life.
Karen. age 56. Minnesota
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